Span Guard

We are pleased to announce that the Span-Guard product line has been sold to Span-Guard Corporation. Moving forward, please contact Span-Guard Corporation for any product requirements, including replacement parts.

Rich Warriner

Visit SpanGuard Corporation for more information.

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Aircraft Hangar Doors

The doors that house some of the largest aircrafts in the world need to have a reliable, heavy duty method of opening and shutting every day. In the past, hangar doors were predominantly run by festoon systems that would commonly break and require regular maintenance from everyday wear and tear. Today, two of the U-S Safety Trolley products provide joint-free mobile electrification systems that have been proven to effectively operate the hangar doors of the world’s largest airlines.

The system is jointless, meaning drastically less maintenance is required compared to a jointed system, and can extend for hundreds of feet, making it the perfect solution for large hangar doors.