Lock & Dam Installations

Locks and dams are an essential staple for fresh water travel. To properly operate their gates, the use of large overhead cranes—that require high amperage, reliable power—is a necessity.

Span-Guard, the highest performing crane electrification system for both indoor and outdoor environments, has been the power source for locks and dams for years. Its jointless copper conductor bar, capable of running at lengths up to 2,000 feet, means that the threat of power loss and overheating that is associated with jointed systems is eliminated. The system’s durable design, which includes a flexible, self-sealing cover, ensures it can be relied on even in the harshest, most corrosive environments. Span-Guard can operate in wet or moist conditions, and can handle severe fluctuations in temperature that will most likely occur in an outdoor location.

The conductor bar system’s focus on durability also means there will be less maintenance required in the future. This is a crucial factor in the case of locks and dams, because any necessary maintenance or repairs would most likely be expensive and highly dangerous to conduct. With Span-Guard, lock operators will be getting a time-tested, reliable and safe mobile power system that can accommodate all their crane electrification needs.

For further information and specific installation examples, please visit the Span-Guard product page.