Span Guard

We are pleased to announce that the Span-Guard product line has been sold to Span-Guard Corporation. Moving forward, please contact Span-Guard Corporation for any product requirements, including replacement parts.

Rich Warriner

Visit SpanGuard Corporation for more information.

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All industrial and manufacturing environments require access to power. For those that require mobile electrification for their essential equipment, the U-S Safety Trolley suite of products is here to help.

Recognizing the need to bring safety to the manufacturing industry in the 1960s, our engineers designed and produced a mobile design with continuous, insulated copper conductor bars, and U-S Safety Trolley was born. Span-Guard is the first system that was designed, and consists of a solid copper conductor bar within a patented self-sealing vinyl cover. This joint-free design ensures a continuous connection to power while also keeping out dirt and grime and significantly decreasing the risk of employee injury due to the protective cover.